Pirts Tradition of Lielvārde /Aigars Kruvesis (Latvia)



Pirts tradition of Lielvārde – journey towards an authentic Latvian pirts. Pirts and pērte (whisking).

Pirts is “green” only for as long as the pirtnieks (pirts practitioner) is “green”. This sense of greenness resides deeply in their thoughts and being. Pirtnieks starts with the pirtsslota (pirts whisk). The touch follows after, and in ‘pirts-speak’ it has been said that every touch during pērte (whisking) has to be of value. All other elements of Latvian pirts follow after.

I strive to maintain a green pirts and the Latvian tradition in it, alongside which I have developed a principle of development synergy and a high standard of quality for the entirety of pirtnieks’ actions – whisking, ergonomics and technical elements as a united entity; energy flow and vital energy regeneration principle, and creativity principle. Taken together, these actions and principles serve as a measuring tool for quality evaluation. 

I look forward to demonstrating the tradition as taught in the Pirts Water School, which encompasses the cultural environment of the Latvian pirts phenomenon, as well as my personal, creative contribution towards the development of pirts practice in Latvia.

Finally, pirts is not strange or mysterious, it is an expression of a Latvian thought process where the spirit unites with their cleansed body, soulfulness and mental strength. I wish you the same.


You are invited to this lecture by Aigars Kruvesis – Founder and Lead Head Master of the Lielvārde Pirts Water School. “I am a Pirtnieks, but not a Pirts Master. I better let my pirts skills be described by those who know me – my students and colleagues. 

I have always worked in Education and actively participated in local cultural life. I maintain an active lifestyle and work with local youth groups. I pay special attention to the latest developments in the sciences of ergonomics, medicine and vital regeneration, and apply those in the context of pirts practice. I smile and encourage others to smile too. My motto for many years now has been a saying by Seneca: “The reward of a good deed is in having done it.””