Japanese Sauna Culture /Yukiko Oyama (Japan)

Japanese Sauna Culture by Yukiko Oyama (JAPAN)


Yukiko will guide you through Japan’s dynamic sauna movement over the past decade. Discover how Japan, known for its rich bathing culture, has experienced a fascinating sauna phenomenon that has captured the nation’s attention. Explore the unique aspects of this growing trend and gain insights into the captivating world of Japanese saunas.


Yukiko Oyama is a passionate world sauna traveler and Japanese Pirts Book Author. Yukiko embarked on an extraordinary journey, exploring the healing power of saunas across the globe. Having traveled extensively, Yukiko has visited 12 countries and over 35 cities, immersing herself in diverse sauna cultures worldwide. In 2019, Yukiko traveled to Latvia with a specific goal in mind—to learn about the Latvian healing tradition called “pirts” from Pirts Master, Ieva Kolosova. Sharing a common vision, Yukiko and leva initiated an inspiring project called “FOREST PIRTS” aimed at raising awareness and appreciation for the “pirts” tradition. In 2022, Forest Pirts published the first-ever Japanese Pirts book, which became an official textbook of the Japan Spa and Sauna Association (JSA). Yuki, a cultural liaison, bridged Japan and Latvia through the Pirts tradition. The book showcased the rituals and benefits of pirts, fostering understanding and appreciation while strengthening cultural ties. This achievement exemplified the power of literature and cultural exchange in bringing nations together. More recently, in June this year, FOREST PIRTS organized a captivating “midsummer tour” for the JSA, providing an authentic Latvian Pirts experience, complete with traditional Latvian customs and traditions.