Human Skin in the Pirts Environment /Ivita Pičukane (Latvia)



The skin is a barrier between our inner world and the world around us. It also reflects the condition of our inner world. Pirts can be a real treat for our skin – the warm and humid environment in pirts allows to shed and release excess toxins and substances through sweat and pores, thus cleansing the entire body. Once the skin is cleansed, it becomes like a sponge, primed and grateful to take in the benefits of natural masks, plant applications and, of course, contrast treatments. Pampering sessions in pirts are great for our inner and bodily health, and help to build strength, resilience and immunity.


Mg. Paed. Ivita Pičukane is a Pirts Master, health care professional and a transpersonal psychoterapy specialist. Ivita has many years of experience as a lecturer in leading Latvian Universities (LU, RSU, RMK) the School of SPA and the School of Pirts. She has founded and developed the course “Pirts as an art”. Ivita’s professional pirts practice spans more than 20 years and she continously builds on her experience. Ivita applies her expertise in transpersonal psychotherapy to her pirts practice – in this way pirts can serve as a transformative environment where one can explore, heal and feel safe and supported whilst working through psycho-emotional issues.

Ivita’s career in health care spans more than 30 years – her practice is based on a holistic approach, considering people and their experiences as felt by the body, spirit and soul. Ivita enjoys the process of mutual exchange when it comes to sharing knowledge and skills. Ivita seeks energy from nature and nature’s gifts.

Ivita offers a variety of pirts rituals – pirtīžas (pirts ritual for newborns), līdzināšana in pirts (a pre-marital ritual of defining the wife and husband as equals), family or couple strengthening rituals, healing rituals and others. She can also help with processing bereavement and loss, including maternal and parental loss.