Fire-themed evening - Friday 21 July (invite only) 

UGUNS VAKARS - piektdien, 21. jūlijā (ar ielūgumiem)

🗓️ Friday 21 July at 8pm (doors from 7 to 7.30pm - please arrive on time - we will head to the Forest Concert Hall at 7.30.)

📍Tērvete, LVM Nature Park Glamping Site

As the sun sets, we will let the magic of the forest cast its spell and mark the arrival of the festival weekend. 

Evening programme: 

🔥 Ambient concert "Cycle of Nature" by Rihards Lībietis in collaboration with pupils of the BJMK Rock School

🔥 Fire ritual, meditation and walking on hot coals with Pirts Master Igors Stepanovs. 

"Cycle of Nature" is a meditative composition for all senses - inspired by the nature of Latvia, West African folk music and the synergy with the audience - all these elements together make up its unique energy and character. The concert will be performed by Rihards Lībiets (guitar), Dīvs Greilihs (percussion), Elīza Staņa (bass), Kaspars Saukums (electric guitar) and Sanita Bičuša (vocals).

Rihards Lībietis is the author od "Cycle of Nature" and a musician of the new generation. He performs and collaborates with many Latvian performers and bands (Linda Leen, Raimonds Tiguls, The Originals etc.) and has produced every Rihards Lībietis Orchestra album to date. Two of their productions - “Scream, Breathe, Cry” (2015) and “Willful Blindness” (2021) have been nominated for the annual Latvian music award "The Golden Microphone". Rihards also composes music for theatre productions, of which the most notable are "The Extradited" ("Izraidītie") and "The Death of Bunny Munro" (“Bannija Manro Nāve”), both showcased in Dailes Theatre in 2013 and 2017 respectively.

Igors Stepanovs - a Pirts Master and a fire guru - invites you to the Fire ritual. Igors hosts fire and water rituals and has authored several programmes and seminars focused on self-growth. Igors is the founder of Latvian Pirts and SPA Association and a master of martial arts and Qi-gong. His favourite pastime is learning about teas - from gathering to fermentation, and 9-step ritual journeys. Igor's motto is 'our future is our past'.

Please wear comfortable shoes and dress suitably for an evening outdoors. You might like to bring a scarf or a blanket for lounging on the ground.

Free entry for participants of the Nature Wellness retreat. Invites can be booked (22 EUR per person or 40 EUR for a family - 2x adults with children). Limited availability.

See you at the festival - our nature wellness journey!