The positive side of stress - breath and contrasts / Pirtnieks Māris Žunda

Pozitīvais stress – elpa un kontrasti /pirtnieks Māris Žunda/

This lecture aims to inspire you to make the most out of positive stress and to see how it can help you to advance further and reach your personal goals.

We will talk about positive stress - its meaning and effect on our lives. During the lecture we will explore how breath can be used as a tool to control and reduce stress levels. We will also learn about contrasts that can stimulate and strenghen us, and also create stress. We will also find out about the differences between emotional and physical stress, and how to prevent and overcome stress to reduce its influence our wellbeing.

You are invited by Māris Žunda - Pirts Master and fitness coach, founder of the School of Resilience, certified instructor of the Wim Hoff method, practitioner of the Oxygen Advantage method, Bio Hacker and physical wellness enthusiast. Māris is eager to put his skills and knowledge into practice in everyday life and to effectively share them with others. Find out more about Māris' work via this link: