Pirts and Wellness Festival 2023

Festivāla svētki

We invite you to a true celebration of Latvian pirts, wellness and nature - the ninth Pirts and Wellness Festival 2023!

The festival will take place over five days from 19 to 23 July on the grounds of the Latvian National Forest (LVM) Nature Park Glamping site - amidst a beautiful pine forest on the shore of Tērvete Reservoir.

This year for the first time the festival will comprise two parts - Nature Wellness Retreat and the Festival Weekend.

🌞 19 to 22 July - three day Nature Wellness Retreat (registered participants only)

The retreat offers a specially curated programme in a relaxed, natural setting and will introduce you to the basics of Latvian Pirts Tradition. If you are planning a holiday, this is a fantastic opportunity to relax in nature among like-minded participants whilst nurturing your wellbeing and the holistic self.

🌞 22 to 23 July – the traditional festival weekend

On Saturday and Sunday the festival will open its doors to everyone to with the annual, established and popular programme: pampering pirts, massage and wellness treatments, consultations, pirts and healthy lifestyle-themed lectures, masterclasses and creative workshops (also in English) as well as exhibitions, auctions, competitions for aspiring pirts professionals and children, folk concerts and dancing. 

Pirts and Wellness Festival Weekend:

  • ~30 different pirts, massage and wellness professionals
  • Pampering pirts, massage and other treatments in the open air (individual sessions and special festival pricing)
  • Lectures, masterclasses and creative workshops 
  • International Conference "Nature and wellness world" (in English) (angļu valodā)
  • Exhibitions and auctions (pirts attire, art)
  • "The Future Pirtnieks 2023" competition 
  • Local makers. growers and producers will offer special, handcrafted goods at our market 
  • Folk concerts, folk dancing and much more

Like every year, the festival will gather a growing number of pirts practitioners and pirts lovers, massage and SPA professionals, and other healthy lifestyle specialists from Latvia and abroad. Local artists, producers and makers will offer special, handcrafted goods at our market.

PIRTS AND WELLNESS FESTIVAL 2023 is a true celebration for the body, mind and spirit. The festival especially welcomes pirts lovers and everyone who enjoys a healthy lifestyle in tune with nature. 

The festival is organised by the Latvian Pirts and SPA Association with support from Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA), Dobele County Council, Latvian National Forest (LVM), VMS Timber and Baltic Candles. 

Īsi par festivālu

💚 Full Festival programme - see below

See you at the festival - our nature wellness journey!

Warming evening events

Dainu meditācija

Dainas Meditation - Thursday 20 July (invite only)

Dainas meditation invites you to relax, lower your eyelids and tune into the sound of kokle and the words, rhythm and wisdom of dainas. Let the sung words positively charge you, fill you with kindness and enhance the connection with all that is alive around you.

Uguns vakars

Fire-themed evening - Friday 21 July (invite only) 

As the sun sets, we will let the magic of the forest cast its spell and mark the arrival of the festival weekend. Rihards Lībietis in collaboration with pupils of the BJMK Rock School will play an ambient concert "Cycle of Nature", followed by a fire ritual, meditation and walking on hot coals.

Programme - Saturday 22 July

Programme - Sunday 23 July

International Conference "Nature and wellness world"

This year for the first time a two-day International Conference "Nature and wellness world" (in English) will take place during the Festival Weekend on the Pirts Stage. The Conference will focus on topics related to wellbeing, green and healthy lifestyle, pirts traditions and wellness practices abroad. Everyone welcome! More info about the conference available here: https://latvjupsa.lv/starptautiska-konference-dabas-un-labjutes-pasaule/

The Conference will be in English. 

“LATVJU PIRTS UN SPA ASOCIĀCIJA ir parakstījusi līgumu Nr. SKV-TL-2023/54 ar Latvijas Investīciju un attīstības aģentūru (LIAA) par projektu pasākuma “Starptautiskās konkurētspējas veicināšana (tūrisms)”, kuru līdzfinansē Eiropas reģionālais fonds”.”

Information for visitors

Directions - how to get here

  • The Festival will take place on the grounds of the Latvian National Forest Nature Park Glamping site in Tērvete, Latvia. Find out more about the site here.
  • Full address: LVM Glempings Tērvetē, ‘Podziņas’, Dobeles Novads, LV-3730.
  • The most convenient way to get to the Festival is by car - parking will be signposted and available next to the Festival grounds.
  • We recommend using Waze mobile application for navigation. Search for ‘LVM Glempings Tērvetē’ and it will take you directly to the Festival.
  • Designated transport to the Festival site will be booked for Retreat participants. It will depart from the centre of Riga on the morning of 19 July. We will be in touch with each participant individually to confirm the time and place of departure.

For families

  • What can be better than a relaxed couple of days out in the open air with your loved ones! The Pirts and Wellness Festival is family friendly and quality time is guaranteed for people of all ages.
  • The PLAY TRAIL will have creative activities dotted along for families with children.
  • Children and adolescents under 14 years old must be supervised by parents at all times.
  • We welcome friendly and well socialised pets, that are kept close to their owners (on a lead) at all times and bring only positive emotions to others. We expect the owners to tidy after their pets.
  • Pets are not allowed in public swimming areas.

What to bring

  • This is an open air festival - we encourage you to make the most of it by bringing a good mood and all the essentials for your comfort.
  • Please bring weather appropriate clothing, a scarf or a blanket for evenings, a note book and pen, and a pirts bag (pirts hat, towel, swimming accessories, body care, etc.).
  • We take care of our surroundings and nature - please bring your own reusable water bottle and crockery to reduce waste. Unlimited access to borehole water (tested and safe to drink) will be provided on site.
  • You might want to bring some cash - not all vendors and sellers will accept card payments.
  • This is a great chance to switch off and relax. Wifi connection will be available only in a designated area, near the Festival entrance. It will not be generally available. If internet access is essential, we suggest that you arrange access to mobile data through your mobile provider.

What to leave at home

  • It is not permitted to bring your own alcoholic beverages and other substances on site and consume them. Smoking is permitted only in designated areas.
  • Take a chance to switch off from everyday rush - leave any devices, that are not absolutely essential for your comfort and enjoyment of the Festival, at home.

Food and other pleasures

  • Tasty food as well as ice cream and hot drinks will be offered by several caterers on the MARKET TRAIL. Please bring your own reusable crockery to reduce waste. PIRTS AND PLEASURE TRAILS and the market will have lots of treats and handmade goods for you to enjoy with all your senses (bring some cash).


  • Accommodation options for overnight stay comprise various levels of comfort - camping (bring your own tent and equipment), glamping at the nature park and others. Please see the current offering for more detail.

Please read

  • Visitors and participants are not permitted to take photo or video footage of others without their consent. Drones are not permitted on site for the duration of the Festival without a written consent from the Organiser.
  • Please note that the Organisers and their designated team will take photos and videos of the events without restriction. The footage may be published and used for commercial and marketing purposes without individual permission.
  • It is not permitted to bring your own alcoholic beverages and other substances on site and consume them. un citas apreibinošas vielas. Smēķēšana – tikai īpaši tam paredzētās vietās.
  • All attendees are bound by the Festival Bylaw and general rules. You can find out more by contacting the Organisers - LATVIAN PIRTS AND SPA ASSOCIATION.

About the Organisers

  • The Festival is organised by the Latvian Pirts and SPA Association in collaboration with the creative union 'Radosme'. The Festival is supported by the Dobele County Council and Latvian National Forests PLC.
  • Find out more about the Latvian Pirts and SPA Association in the 'About Us' page on this website.

Accommodation options

Festival goers are welcome to spend the night in the well-appointed LVM Nature Park campsite.

This is your opportunity to switch off - wifi will be available only in a designated area, near the festival entrance.

Nakšņošanas iespējas - savā teltī


Fans of wild and active leisure are welcome to bring their own tents and camping equipment.

  • Campsite will be located on a secure and guarded site. Please note, the organiser cannot take responsibility for lost property.
  • Shared facilities (wc, sink)
  • Access to power outlets for charging devices
  • Wifi - not generally available. This is your opportunity to switch off. Wifi will be available only in a designated area near the festival entrance.

Price: 14 EUR per tent, per night. Book by texting +371 292429071 via Whatsapp or via the ticket booking link when you book your tickets.

See you at the festival - our nature wellness journey!


Entry to the FESTIVAL with pre-booked tickets or for a donation on the door. Donation from 20 EUR (from 5 EUR concession). 

Book now to get the best deal on weekend tickets (5 - 12 EUR)! 

TicketsPrice, EUROn the door
Adult (per person)12Donation from 20
Family/friends (2 adults + children up to 14 y.)18Donation from 20
Concession - over 65, access needs, students5Donation from 5
+ bērns* (līdz 14 g.v.)FreeFree
Telts vieta (sava telts, slēgta teritorija, wc/izlietne – brīvā dabā)14Donation from 20
*Bērni līdz 14 gadu vecumam Festivāla svētkus apmeklē BEZMAKSAS pieaugušo pavadījumā un atbildībā. 

Nature Wellness Retreat 19 - 22 July

Labsajūtas nometne

Nature wellness retreat

19 - 22 July

A relaxing and nurturing retreat where to grow your knowledge about pirts traditions, yourself and nature all around us among like-minded people. The retreat will last three full days, during which you will enjoy the natural surroundings and pampering sessions whilst boosting your skills and knowledge about pirts and wellbeing.

Information for participants

Service providers, producers and makers

The festival is organising a market to offer pirts practitioners, pirts lovers, masseurs, SPA specialists, local artists, producers and makers an opportunity to showcase their goods and services.

Deadline for participant applications: 25 June 2023

Participant application form

The Festival Bylaw

News about the application process will be published here and on the LPSA social channels.

About the Festival

The pirts (nature SPA) tradition has been a part of our folk heritage for centuries, leading us closer to our inner wholeness, hand in hand with nature. Pirts is often referred to as ‘the sanctuary of the body, spirit and soul’. 

Pirts and Wellness Festival 2023 is an annual open-air celebration of Latvian pirts traditions. Featuring a variety of pirts and wellness activities - pirts rituals, treatments and creative workshops, it is also an opportunity to relax and have fun with like-minded people in natural surroundings.

Festival archive:



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We look forward to seeing you at the festival - our nature wellness journey!