Pirts songs / Pirtniece Linda Mishchenkova

Pirts dziesmas/ pirtniece Linda Miščenkova


Let us sing here, thus inviting

Light to dance around us;

Like our spirits gleam with joy,

When approached with kindness.

Linda Mishchenkova invites us to join a very special session about pirts songs: "Music and song have been important to me since childhood and I have been accumulating them like a growing ball of yarn. The Vītuols family played an important role in my getting to know the rich dowry of Latvian folk songs. We continue to play together in our group 'Dziedot dzimu' ('Sing since birth' is a well-known folk song rhyme) and I also play in a folk group 'Cēlāji un Praulits'. Song has further led me to learn pirts wisdom from several Pirts Masters that I have since shared.

In daily life or in pirts - songs tend to find their way to me - the right ones, the ones that bring the strength needed at that particular time and place. And when the melody arrives, all that remains is to sing it and allow the healing process to unfold.

I enjoy a variety of songs during my pirts sessions - Latvian folk songs are the best fit, whilst modern music, written by composers such as Imants Kalniņš, Raimonds Pauls, Jānis Lūsēns and others also tend to find their way into my pirts room.

I have compiled a special selection of folk songs suited to all stages of pirts - preparation, whisking and relaxation after. Let us flow along to their tune and enjoy the summer pirts experience."