Pirts Riktes - Pirts demonstrations and practice

Pirts riktes Festivāla svētkos. Pirts festivāls 2023

It is time for pirts - finally, via the green meadows and woods, you'll embark on a sensory journey that leads to your Self...

All are welcome to meet our pirtnieki and enjoy their specially prepared taster sessions in the Main Pirts, Pirts Dome or Glass pirts.

Find Pirts Riktes near the Pirts Stage on both days from 11am and try: 

💚 demonstrations and Masterclasses in Glass Pirts

💚 a variety of introductory sessions in Main and Dome pirts (bring a towel, pirts attire/swimsuit, pirts hat)

You can enjoy it as you please - warm up, try different scrubs, honey mixtures, mud and other treatments offered by professionals.

Fee - a donation to Pirtnieks. Limited availability! 

You are invited by the fantastic crowd of pirtnieki who will gather at the Festival. The wonderful pirts Witches Lienīte, Santa and Laila will be there to welcome and take care:

🌿 of three different pirts rooms,

🌿 to ensure that everyone can watch and enjoy countless pirtsslotas (whisks) at work,

🌿 offer every pirts lover to enjoy the contrast of the cool lake after a warm pirts.

Choose your pirts and make yourself known to the Pirts Witches! 💦🔥🌿💚