Pirts Build Advice / Nauris Mālnieks and Jānis Pavlovičs

Pirts būves padomi

Laima vilka zaļu jostu

Deviņiem līkumiem;

To apjoza sieviņàm,

Laimas pirtî peroties.

"To each their own pirts" is something we wish to every Latvian family! This Festival brings a special session dedicated to pirts build and maintenance.

The pirts tradition cannot be separated from the environment - a building with a pirts room - pērtuve - where the mood, space and microclimate are created and come together for a healthy pirts session, in Latvian referred to as pēriens or pērte. To recap, 'pirts' is the building/process, 'pērtuve' is the room where it takes place, and 'pēriens' or 'pērte' is the activity that usually involves using whisks.

Pirts is an ancient Latvian structure that has remained unchanged for centuries. The traditional methods of pirts build and set up have been passed through generations and are still practiced today, in line with modern requirements and in collaboration with master tradesmen and artisans.

If you have been dreaming about your own pirts or think your pirts needs a spruce up, come along to the Pirts Build Advice sessions and meet experienced experts anytime between 10am and 5pm. Pirts Build Advice sessions will cover:

  • All about pirts build and renovation
  • How to choose a pirts stove
  • Pirts stones - how to choose and rotate them
  • Ergonomics, pirts bench placement, measurements and materials to use
  • Ventilation, movement of the spirit (steam), ventilation window placement
  • Things to know about upkeep and maintenance to make your pirts last

Above and any other questions will be tackled by experienced experts Nauris Mālnieks and Jānis Pavlovičs, there to share their knowledge and give specific advice.

Nauris Mālnieks is a Pirts Master in the "Ziedlejas" pirts and a professional pirts builder in his enterprise "Katram Savu Pirtiņu" (To each their own little pirts). Find out more about the latter here: https://www.facebook.com/pasamsavupirtinu

Jānis Pavlovičs is a Pirts Master in the "Rozēni" pirts that he built with his own hands. He regularly shares his knowledge in pirts training courses and provides individual consultations for custom pirts build projects. Find out more about Jānis' endeavours here: https://rozeni.lv/pirtnieks-janis-pavlovics/