Natural Philosophy in Pirts Maintenance /Jānis Pavlovičs (Latvia)



Bathing practice has been a critical consideration for health and survival of people around the world since ancient times. The powerful impact of pirts on health and wellbeing has unsurprisingly led to mystical beliefs and customs surrounding this bathing practice. Among those, strict rules of upkeep and maintenance have been established to preserve the benefits of pirts. Modern science has studied the upkeep and maintenance principles established by pirts practitioners through the ages and confirmed their effectiveness and importance. 


Pirts Master Jānis Pavlovičs has 20 years of experience in pirts practice. Since 2010 Jānis has participated and been a member or the Jury in many Pirts and Sauna Masters’ competitions in Latvia, Lithuania, Austria, Germany, Czechia and Finland. Jānis founded “The First Pirts Masters Team”. 

“I host around 200 pirts rituals and 50 seminars, lectures and pirts training sessions annually. My aim from one year to the next has been to perfect a balanced pirts ritual practice and explore new methods that would individually resonate with every person in my pirts.”