Live music and danchi with “JŌRA” band

Muzikālais danču vakars kopā ar grupu "JŌRA"

Latvian folk have always been great dancers as well as singers. But what does 'danči' mean, exactly?

As opposed to 'dance', danči have no set beginning or end. Danči (plural) end when the dancers have had their fill. We like to say that danči is a boost of pure joy and energy. 🔥

Saule kokles skandinaja,

Austriņâi sēdedama;

Dieva dēli danci veda

Ūdra, bebra kažokôs.

JŌRA performance will delight us on Saturday night, at the peak of the Festival fun - we'll invite everyone to join in and let the ground shake.

The World music band JŌRA have not been on the scene for long, but have already gained plenty of experience in playing Latvian folk music. JŌRA weave Latvian and Nordic folk music elements together in their post-folk style, with an occasional addition of folk music elements from further afield.

👉 More information and tickets available via this link:

See you at the festival - our nature wellness journey! 🌿☀💦🔥

P.S. By the way, Danči is also a name of a village in Rēzekne County. 🙃