Ataraxia - Sound Meditation / Alise/Fox Lima and Dace Bleikša

MUZIKĀLA MEDITĀCIJA “BEZDOMU VĒJŠ”/ Balss – ALISE/FoxLima, kokle – Dace Bleikša

Sound meditation "Ataraxia" (Latin.) or "Serene Breeze" is a musical performance inspired by Latvian Dainas, the power of nature and soul searching. It invites you to lie down on the green grass, close your eyes and succumb to a magical journey into the world of sounds.

This meditative sound performance will be conjured by Alise/Fox Lima and kokle player Dace Bleikša.

Fox Lima is a laureate of International Songwriting and John Lennon songwriting competitions. Her songs have a unique and eclectic feel enriched by elements of ancient Latvian spells and vedic mantras. One of Alise's songs was used for the new edition of Enigma's well known "MMX The Social Song". Fox Lima is currently on a World Tour with "Original Enigma Voices", and will indulge the attendees of the Pirts and Wellness Festival 2023 when she is back for a summer break.

Sample Fox Lima music on Bandcamp:

See you at the festival - our nature wellness journey!