Vibroacoustic massage with wicker / Pirtnieks Aigars Sondors


Vibroacoustic massage with wicker is a great way to treat yourself or your loved ones after a long day, and it can also be put to use in pirts. The simplicity of application makes wicker a very effective tool for relaxation and it can help to stop the wheel of thoughts that assumes great speeds in our everyday life. 

Aigars Sondors invites you to this wicker massage masterclass: "I was first introduced to wicker whisks and wicker massage at the Pirts School where instructors always had a pair of wicker whisks to hand. I tried it, liked it, and my clients did too. have always been a fan of paradoxes - connecting the seeming opposites. I enjoy demonstrating how these simple brush-like whisks can feel surprisingly soft and pleasant, and am happy to share my skills to allow others treat themselves or their loved ones in this way."