Designer Collection "Cycle" by Evika Muizniece

Evikas Muiznieces apģērba kolekcijas ''Cikls'' izstāde

Mans brālītis man nopirka,

Ar valodu vainadziņu.

Kad es pati nerunāju,

Runā mans vainadziņš.

We are inspired and enjoy feeling the different approaches of artists who share their soul's work. The Festival Weekend brings Evika Muizniece's designer collection "Cycle" that will be exhibited on the Main Stage - come along and enjoy the unique pieces!

When creating her pieces of pirts and everyday fashion, Evika's inspiration comes from ancient and modern folklore.

  • Each item is entirely unique
  • 90% of Evika's collection is made with recycled materials
  • Textiles are screen printed with original sketches
  • The main source of inspiration is Latvian dainas and authentic living

The exhibition will be on display on Saturday 22 July on the Main stage, where you will also have a chance to meet Evika in person.

On Saturday evening, around 7.15pm, her pieces will be auctioned to the audience, with a percentage of the proceeds going to a local charity.

Artist Evika Muizniece warmly invites you to come and see her pieces. She is an author of many video projects and boasts the unpredictability of a storm and flame. We have worked with Evika on the production of a series "The Latvian Code of Wellness", programmes "The Latvian World Code. Winter Solstice" and "Pirts Ritual", and we are excited to see her latest creation.

In Evika's words: "I am so excited to be welcomed by like-minded colleagues who strive towards a greener and more beautiful world ❤️ My recent years have passed working in the media and teaching but childhood dreams can wait no more. At the moment I am studying fashion design and technology, and making original pieces with recycled materials and screen printed original sketches. I hope the exhibition will inspire, because fashion can be a tool for expressing our identity and inner fire in this world under the Sun."

See you at the festival - our nature wellness journey!