Bay mud - the black gold / Pirtniece Dace Meija

Dūņas - melnais "zelts"/ pirtniece Dace Meija

Did you know about the black gold that lies on the shores of Latvian nature? The bay mud is a rich natural product with many properties that make it suitable for SPA treatments at home as well as in pirts. This special mud has a rejuvenating effect on our entire body. Applying it during a pirts session brings not only a healing effect, but also lots of fun - children love to play with it, while adults might enjoy a mud-stained photo shoot. This lecture will be a chance to learn about the properties of bay mud and how to apply it to enjoy its positive effects on our bodies.

You are invited to this lecture/masterclass by Dace Meija - a Pirts Master and nutrition specialist who lives near Sigulda, loves dancing and inspiring others to live healthier, and makes a superb nutrient booster mix "Rīta karote", that she will offer in the market on Saturday, 22 July. For more info visit Dace's website:

Looking forward to seeing you!