Plant energy today / Pirtniece Solvita Kūna

Augu enerģija šodien /pirtniece Solvita Kūna/

The energy and contribution from plants in the changing world of the modern day is ever present. The natural world encompasses each one of us and invites us closer. Upon closer look - almost every green patch of grass, wood or bank is a home for bishop's weeds, mugworts, greater plantains, cow parsley, yarrow and other precious plants, that keenly stretch towards our backyards, cars and homes. Let us see and hear them.

Just imagining the bittersweet scent of a tiny mugwort leaf, and its ability to instantly relieve tiredness and low spirits, fills my heart with gratitude. How about the bright, young fir tips that cheer us up every spring? I invite you to appreciate this quiet team of cheerleaders, supporting us every step of the way.

This time we will talk about New age plants - how they contribute towards our growth and raise our vibrations. We will talk about myths, truths, courage and trends that will help us feel and get closer to our holistic self in todays' world.

You are invited to this talk by Solvita Kūna - pirts professional, plant expert, a careful producer of local essential oils and the founder of "CADE" brand. Solvita deeply understands plants and loves welcoming others to their wonderful world.