Conscious of your health / Pirtnieks Romualds Lamsters


It is easy to get lost in the heap of health advice flown at us from all directions - how to understand what is good for us, where to get it and how long to use it for to achieve the desired effect. 

Romualds will talk about general health - what to keep in your home medicine cabinet in order to prevent common viruses and what to include in your everyday nutrition to safeguard your health from chronic ailments. How to recognise and understand our bodily signals, think about test results and prevent dissapointment - together we will get a glimpse into the complex but straightforward world of healthcare 💚

Romualds Lamsters is a nutrition and naturopathy specialist, pirts and massage practitioner with considerable experience and founder of a Pirts School in his name. Romualds is also an author of several publications.