Czech Sauna Culture/ Herbal Cup / Pavel Hofrichter (The Czech Republic)



Sauna masters from the Czech Republic are among the most successful at world sauna competitions (e.g. AUFGUSS WM, FREESTYLE, Sauna Herbal Cup). We will be talking about our inspiration from the Banja culture and providing treatments with whisks and herbs in the style of a Nordic banja. In 2013, we organized the first festival of sauna culture, SaunaFest which welcomed a group from Latvia in the accompanying program and for the first time offered original Nordic treatments to the Czech visitors. We were at the beginning of the journey. 

Rituals with the use of whisks and herbs are now increasing in a number of centers and special programs are being created. We have the concept of using 100% natural ingredients in the sauna, NATURE WELLNESS. At present, our project Sauna Herbal Cup brings together national rounds in 12 countries around the world. Its main part is a natural herbal ritual in the sauna as well as a procedure in the steam bath. Interest in herbal procedures and whisking is growing here and around the world. We also organize the BANYA CUP in the Czech Republic. We are happy to present our herbal journey.


Pavel Hofrichter is the Chairman of the Czech sauna association and the founder of the Sauna Herbal Cup. It deals with training and educational activities in the field of sauna culture. He organizes SaunaFest, one of the biggest festivals in Europe.

In the team also: 

Michal Přeučil is a Czech sauna master who performs sauna rituals, aufguss, as his great hobby. He focuses mainly on relaxation techniques, works with incense burners and uses natural brooms and herbs with love. His specialty is a two-hour sauna ritual inspired by Norwegian culture – the Badstu ritual. He was the first one in the Czech Republic to routinely offer it to guests at the Sauna Spot sauna center where he works.

Pavla Hofrichterová is an active sauna master, she has won the prettiest sauna rider of the year category for several years in a row, organizes sauna events and works as an experiential sauna instructor.

Jan Putera, manager of the largest sauna world in the Czech Republic, Aquapalace Prague, which hosts the world finals of the Sauna Herbal Cup.